Will You Take Paint?

We can only take paint if it is not toxic and in a solid state. The easiest way is to take the lid off and fill with sawdust, paper, or kitty litter. Leave the lid off so that the driver can see it is a solid. There is also a hazardous waste pick up annually, call your county commissioner for more information.


Can You Take Chemicals, Batteries, and Flourescent Light Bulbs?

Chemicals and other hazardous materials are strictly prohibited. Please refer to the packaging for all information regarding proper disposal of chemicals. There is also a hazardous waste pick up annually, call your county commissioner for more information.


Can You Take Deer Remains, Fish, or Feces?

All deer remains and feces must be properly bagged and fish and animal remains must be FROZEN.


Why Didn’t They Take My Trash?

The most common reasons for non-pickup are:

There was paint or chemicals, yard debris,

  • Too heavy (35 pound limit as set by MIOSHA laws and regulations)
  • Cancelation due to nonpayment
  • Setting out too late
  • Other issues with your service

Please call the office for questions or clarification.


Seasonal Road Restrictions

Seasonal weight restrictions are placed on all county roads every spring by the county road commission and the state of Michigan. At this time we must use smaller, lighter trucks. Please make sure your trash is out at 8 am and in bags, as we will be off our schedule, and could be considerably earlier or later. We CANNOT come back as we will be too heavy so please make sure your trash is out and in bags. We will NOT take any extra trash or furniture during this time.

The following links are for further information regarding spring weight restrictions:

Alpena County Road Commission


State of Michigan


Montmorency County Road Commission



Can I Suspend Service?

Yes but we require that you suspend service for monthly increments, or a specific time period (example seasonal pickup from Memorial Day through Labor Day). It is extremely difficult for the driver if you are only gone intermittently to keep track of. If you are frequently not home then yellow bags and a pay as you service may be a better option than weekly curb service.


Currently we do not offer curbside recycling.   In each county there are green recycling containers free to all county residents. Please ask your county commissioner or township supervisor where they are located. They are clearly marked with what they will accept.

Leaves & Yard Debris

Do not take leaves and grass clippings to landfills or incinerators for disposal or put out curbside. In Michigan, yard waste and grass clippings are banned from landfills or incinerators. Before the yard waste ban in Michigan (1995), it was estimated that yard clippings made up about 20 percent of the annual solid waste disposal. Please compost your yard clippings. In the City of Alpena they do a leaves and clippings pickup two times in the summer. Please contact city hall with any questions you have regarding disposal of yard debris in the city limits.We cannot take trash or feces that are mixed with yard clippings so be sure to separate and properly dispose of all yard waste.

Appliances & Furniture

We can dispose of furniture, mattresses, and appliances that do not contain Freon. Please call our office for pricing and schedule of heavy items. We will not take any items at the curb that have not been scheduled prior to pick up day.

Restricted Materials

We cannot take any appliances that contain Freon.We cannot dispose of any hazardous materials. Please refer to any label or packaging for disposal information.We cannot take yard waste.We cannot take cement, cinder blocks, or paving stones (please call for special instructions).We cannot take tires.We cannot take heavy steal or metals (unless in a roll-off container).

Safety Tips

Help keep you and us safe!Every Jewell’s Disposal truck is equipped with a back-up alarm. Whether you are walking or driving near one of our trucks, if you hear this sound (a loud beeping) or see the white back-up lights, be sure to move out of the way of the truck.Never cut in front of or stop suddenly in front of a garbage truck. Extend the same courtesies as you would to other drivers and keep a proper cushion of space between you and the truck.Keep your children and pets at a safe distance from the truck. Our drivers love to see happy neighbors during their routes, but prefer that you stay on the front porch or in the yard – do not get near or climb on the truck whether it is parked or at work.Also, do not follow the truck on your bike, skates or skateboard or in your car – they make frequent stops and often back up. Never hang on to the back of a truck while doing these activities!.On your collection day, be sure to move toys or cars out of the path of the truck.Never play or stand in or around trash bins or cans, since you don’t know when the truck will come to empty them.Always watch for equipment, trucks, drivers, and helpers. They do not always have full and clear vision please be careful when approaching or driving around them.